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GE Reflux

(Gastroesophageal Reflux Nickname “GERD”)


Dental Manifestations

- Enamel erosion from the stomach acid washing over the teeth

- Tooth sensitivity can develop once the enamel covering is gone*

- Acid reflux can make untreated cavities worse

- In severe cases the nerve can be exposed * OUCH!


What can I do to slow down or stop the GE Reflux?

Suggest dietary changes to help reduce  acid erosion

- Avoid sour candies (skittles, gummies, war heads, nerds, etc)

- Avoid fried foods and acid drinks (Orange juice with pulp)

- Avoid over eating (super sizing)

- Don not lay down for 2 hours after eating

- Place a 2x4 under the head of the bed


Your Pediatrician may recommend

- Zantac, Prilosec, Prevacid or Reglan Referral to a Pediatric GI Specialist


What are the long-term effects?

- If untreated, GE Reflux can cause irreversible loss of tooth structure


What are the long-term medical risks?

- If untreated, GE reflux can predispose you to esophageal (throat) problems in adulthood