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Congratulations, your teeth are finally out of jail.The retainers that you'll be receiving are designed to retain (or hold) your teeth in their finished position. Unless instructed otherwise, you must wear the retainers every night while sleeping. Always bring your retainers with you when you visit the office.


Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers are colored plastic and wire retainers. Unless instructed otherwise, you must wear these retainers every night while sleeping. If you spend the night at a friend’s house, it's best to leave your retainers at home. Not wearing them for 1 night is o.k. but skipping 3 nights in a row is not o.k. At first your retainers may feel tight against your teeth. After a few weeks of wear they'll loosen up. Unless your teeth are actually being moved with the retainers, they won't feel very tight. When the retainers are not in your mouth, keep them in the protective case given to you. Never wrap your retainers in a napkin, never put them in your pocket or purse without the protective case, and never put them on a lunch tray. Keep your retainers clean by brushing them daily with water and tooth paste or soap. Be careful. New retainers are very costly. Always bring your retainers with you when you visit the office.


Vacuumed Formed Retainers

Please be absolutely certain that these are picked-up at the office tomorrow and worn each and every night, 7 nights per week while sleeping. The patient does not need to be present to pick-up these retainers.


The retainer(s) you'll receive are clear, thin plastic and will cover all of your teeth. This type of retainer is called a vacuum formed retainer and it's very easy to slip these retainers over your teeth. If you are receiving upper and lower vacuum formed retainers, there's only one way that they'll fit. The top retainer will not fit on the bottom teeth.


The retainer should be cleaned with cool water and a toothbrush. The plastic is very heat sensitive. If it is placed in hot water or exposed to any high temperatures (like in a hot car) the plastic will melt and the retainer will be ruined. This will mean crooked teeth and added expense which will upset everybody.


When not in your mouth, be certain that your retainer is kept in its protective case. Never wrap retainers in a napkin or paper towel. If you go to spend the night with a friend, it's o.k. to not wear your retainers for 1 night. Skipping 3 nights in a row is a bad idea. Caution: if a dog gets the retainer it will be destroyed. This could lead to bad feelings about the dog and I'm sure you like your dog- so, let's keep it that way.


Always bring your retainers with you when you have an appointment.


If you have any questions you can reach us at 919-220-1416.